About Us

At Dalup we present the vibrant flavors of Indian, reimagined for the lighter palate. If you’ve spent time traveling through Mumbai or New Delhi, you’ll find and enjoy the spice of life at Dalup. Our diverse tapestry of flavors features our take on traditional dosas, madras, korma, and more. Influenced by near and far, enjoyed alongside rose milk or an Indian beer, Dalup is fast Indian cuisine for the everyday: fresh, light, and healthy, made with you in mind.

Dalup is Located at 350 7th Avenue in New York City

Our Ethos

A modern, Indian dining experience served at the speed of life. We’re inspired by traditional Indian flavors and driven by technology. We’ve defined a new authenticity and refuse to compromise when it comes to your health. You won’t find cream, excess oil, or deep frying at Dalup. Our food is vibrant, real, and fresh.


At Dalup we’re serving Indian-inspired vibrant, lighter fare. Visit us for a modernized Indian dining experience.


Girls Who Code

We donate a portion of our proceeds to Girls Who Code, a national not-for-profit organization with the mission to close the gender gap in technology.


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